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      Yixing Cleanwater Chemicals Co., Ltd.

      Factory Add: South of Niujia Bridge, 

      Guanlin town, Yixing City, Jiangsu, China

      Mobile / whatsapp: 86-13861515998





      BAF@purification bacteria agent

      BAF@ waterpurification agent


      This product is made from sulfur bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, ammonifyingbacteria, azotobacter, polyphosphate bacteria, urea bacteria, etc. 

      It is multi-speciescoexistence of organisms including anaerobic bacteria, facultative bacteria,aerobic bacteria, etc.The product will be 

      produced according to your need. With advanced biotechnology,the aerobic microorganisms and anaerobic microorganisms 

      is cultivated according to a certain proportion. During this process, they produce useful substances and materials and live together 

      to reach a microbial community of bacteria.The bacteria help each other and can maximize the benefits. It is not the simple “1+1” combination. 

      With advanced biotechnology,the products will become a ordered, effective bacterial community.


      Product Characteristic

      Adding BAF@ water purification agent to sewage treatment process can improve thesewage treatment rate and reduce treatment cost 

      no matter the processingtechnology is changed or not. It is an environmentally friendly and efficientwater purification bacteria.


      This product can decompose the organic matter in water rapidly and turn them intonon-toxic harmless carbon dioxide and water which 

      can improve the removal rate of organic pollutants in domestic sewage treatment plant. It can effectively avoid secondary pollution, reduce 

      the amount of sewage, improve the quality ofsewage. This product can release the ammonia nitrogen and nitrite into theharmless nitrogen gas 

      from the water body, reduce the odor emission, inhibitthe growth of spoilage bacteria, reduce the production of biogas, ammonia andhydrogen sulfide, and reduce the air pollution.


      The complex bacteria can shorten the time of domestication of activated sludge and film time and speed up the sewage treatment system start. 

      It can reduce theamount of aeration, improve the utilization of oxygen, greatly reduce thegas-water ratio, reduce the aeration, saving sewage treatment 

      power consumption cost, can reduce the residence time of sewage and improve the overall processing capacity. The product has a good flocculation and 

      decoloring effect,can reduce the dosage of flocculants and bleaching agents. It can reduce the amount of sludge generated, save sludge treatment costs, 

      while improving the capacity utilization of the processing system.



      1.PH:Average range between 5.5~9.5 , between6.6~7.4 is the most rapid growth.

      2.Temperature:can take effect between 10℃~60℃.Temperature above 60℃ , lead to the death of the bacteria ,the temperature is below 10℃ when 

      bacteria will not die, but growth is limited to the cells. The most suitabletemperature is 20~32℃.

      3.Dissolved oxygen: In the aeration tank of wastewatertreatment , dissolved oxygen at least 2mg/L; The bacteria will work well 5~7times in enough oxygen. 

      In soil restoration process, it needs appropriate looseland nourished or ventilation.

      4.Trace elements: proprietary bacteria racein its growth will need a lot of elements , such as potassium , iron , calcium, sulfur , magnesium , etc., usually 

      in soil and water element willcontain enough these.

      5.Salinity: It is applicable in the seawater andfreshwater , the maximum tolerance of 40‰ salinity.

      6.Poison resistance: It can effectivelyresist the toxicity of chemical substances , including chloride , cyanide and heavy metals, etc.


      Applicable Conditions

      Inpractice, it depends on sewage treatment process, so in certain circumstances,you can use bio-enhanced technology:

      1.When the system start debugging (Cultivation of domesticated organisms)

      2.When the system is affected by the impact of pollutant load during the operation, resulting in decreased overall system capacity, can not be stable to treat wastewater;

      3.When the system stops running (usually not more than 72 hours) and then re-start;

      4.When the system stops running in winte and then start debugging in spring;

      5.When the system's treatment effect decreases due to big change of pollution.



      1.Urban sewage treatment plant

      2.Aquaculture area water purification

      3.Swimming pool, spa pool, aquarium

      4.Lake surface water and artificial lake landscape pool



      River treatment of solid bacteria 8-10g/m3.

      Engineering treatment of bacteria 50-100g/m3.



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      Contact Us

      Factory Add: South of Niujia Bridge, Guanlin town, Yixing City, Jiangsu, China

      Mobile / whats app: 86-13861515998 

      Tel: 86-510-87976997; 86-510-80761997; 86-510-87994422

      Fax: 86-510-87975997