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      WATER VIET 2015 Exhibition

      ?VIET WATER Detailed Information

      General Information

      Viet Water is widely recognized by theindustry as the key industry forum in Indonesia comprising an internationalexpo, conference and technology symposium. It is the venue where top regional decision makers meet and talk business.

      Exhibitor Information

      The following water, waste andenvironmental products will fall under the spotlight: Actuators, Biologicalsystems, Environmental monitoring, Filters, Groundwater & boreholes,Industrial effluent treatment, Information systems, Irrigation, Laboratoryequipment & services, Leak detection, Pipes, pumps & fittings,Pollution control, Sewage plant suppliers & designers, Sewage systems,Water supply companies, Water treatment systems, Water & waste water treatment.

      Our company was invited to participate in it. Welcome to Vist our booth.



      • 海藍科技
      • 綠波水處理
      • 海譽國際

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